Nepali Cricket Fan Club & N E P A L.

Nepali Cricket Fan Club & N E P A L.

Something I wrote about Nepali Cricket Fan Club youngsters before the annual District Selection tournament organized by KDCA. Last year NCFC gave Sompal Kami to Nepal National team, hoping something similar this time around too. More Importantly, I try to give a whole new meaning to a word NEPAL.

“Dear NCFC U19 team,

First of all, congrats everyone for the selection in Nepali Cricket Fan Club U19 Cricket Team. The selection process underwent for 2 days and 2 rounds of selection which was twice as many times than last year. So, deservedly, the selected ones needs to be appreciated to feature in final fourteen from about 60+ entrants.
This is my second year in managerial charge and I/we expect nothing more than bettering ourselves than last year i.e. win the tournament which we fell short by a final match last term.
I will like to pass an insight. A formula which may inspire the youngsters to come good and perform their best for NCFC.
“N E P A L”
Yes, it is as simple as that, yet a world in it.
N= Never Give Up/ Never Say Die : This is a opportunity of lifetime, you have a backing of about 2 Lakhs people behind you. Carry yourself in dire situations, we, fans, family back home are cheering for you, backing for you, you shall never stop.
E= Enjoy : At the end of the day, cricket is a game. So, enjoy it. See if you can play the best cover drive in your team, or send the middle stump for a walk. See if you can fly in outfield. Do your best, enjoy your game.
P=Passion: Grit to succeed. Hunger to perform. Passion defines you. You wouldn’t have playing cricket if it was not passion inside you which ignited to take the bat/ball sports.
A=Attitude : Aggression, composure, calmness, common sense and of course some humor. Quite necessary attributes every player must have to be the one you always crave to be, Present yourself, you are a gift.
L=Live : Last but not the least, Live every moment you are part of. Friends, colleagues, seniors, juniors, tournament, matches, wins, victories, etc. Life is all about living in the moment, live it the loudest. Cherish every triumphs and learn from every despair.
I hope this little gimmick should inspire you every time you say NEPAL from now own.
Good Luck. All the Best. Let’s roll.
Jai NEPAL. Pashupatinath Ki Jai,
Your Manager
Rajan Shah
(NCFC Team:
All rounders: Bishalbabu Adhikari, Puran Vik, Prashant Shrestha, Bablu Kr. Yadav, Rohan Sharma
Batsman: Sarthak Kant Sedhaint, Prakash Neupane, Aschal Chaudhary, Bipin Bist.
Wicket Keeper: Arjun Adhikari ,
Bowlers: Šağař Khâťŕı Sijan Dahal, Sandip Sapkota Neroj Bhandari )”


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