Sandeep Lamichhane, EPL and Nepal cricket

Sandeep Lamichhane, EPL and Nepal cricket

Mamta Thapa , Sandeep Lamichhane

5 Burning Questions regarding Nepali Cricket
Let’s get straight to the points:
1. Did we digest human-trafficking too?
Whatever happened to the investigation committee? Did we have any progress? If yes, what next? Or we are ready to forget this too? No arrests. No reports. No results. Has it become that easy to conduct international level crime in this country and get away? And yet everyone knows the man involved is a member of elected CAN body and looking forward to re-establish their administration.
2. What about future of cricket?
EPL is good but don’t forget the future of cricket is still bleak in this country. The dog fight between elected CAN, ad hoc CAN, Ministry of Sports and Government of Nepal is still going on. Is it ever going to resolve. If yes, then when. Surely, not until ICC loses patience and shuts their ‘Project Nepal’ as a failed business venture.
3. What next for Mamta Thapa?
Mamta Thapa
Mamta Thapa
For the first time ever the wicket-keeper and (now former) vice-captain of Nepal’s national women cricket team was dropped from the preliminary squad of 18.  Mamta has clearly stated that she will work hard to make a comeback and sportingly accepted her failure to be surplus of team’s requirements. However, she is also very active in media world, hosting her weekly talk show in Nepalgunj local TV and anchoring various events and programs every now and then. It seems she will take the later route from here on.
4. Mulpani or Mythpani?
As of now, seeing a Unicorn is as possible as watching Paras Khadka play at Mulpani Cricket Ground. It has been roughly a decade since Mulpani cricket ground was proposed. What happened next is Nepal.
Either they are looking to make some kind of Guinness world record or simply making a career out of it. Maybe another 10 years down the line, it just might get completed, still not sure.
5. Is EPL live?
Our national question is always a burning question. And you have idea how happy I am to say YES, for a change. All the EPL matches will be live on Kantipur Gold. Yes. Believe me.

Sandeep Lamichhane: From no one to not just any one
A guy from Nepal, by default poor. He aspires to make a career in cricket in a country where sport is still touted as just another distraction. He bowls leg spin, the toughest art in cricket. He is just 17 years old. He is none other than Sandeep Lamichhane. The world is in his feet right now. Literally, he is going to visit down under this season to represent legendary former Aussie Skipper Michael Clarke’s hometown club .
Last week, Nepal’s cricket fraternity was taken by a storm known as Everest Premier League. By all means the biggest cricket tournament ever to be held in Nepal. Sandeep won’t be participating in that. Neither was he in last edition of EPL which was known as Nepal Premier League and was played in 50 overs format at mid summer of Dhangadhi.
Last time, roughly 2 years ago, he was a no one. Nobody knew who Sandeep Lamichhane was, up and until Nepal’s former head coach (joined USA just recently) Pubudu Dassanayake decided to visit Chitwan. He was fast forwarded to national camp. He then played in domestic tournament known as Super League. He then made it to U19 World Cup. Nepal team didn’t wait long before handing him senior debut. The he became first ever franchise player from Nepal representing Hong Kong’s Kowloon Catalans. He then played in Home of Cricket. Now, a club from Australia awaits him. By this speed, he soon will be first ever Nepali player to play in Mars too.
He missed last edition of EPL being a no one. He is going to miss yet again for being not just any one.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the week
The Good:
-Everest Premier League: Finally some cricket for our players and most importantly, some very handsome match fees too. From international players to domestic regional players all are going to be paid. Indeed, top news of the week.
The Bad:
-Everest Premier League: With the news of re-branded t20 premier league also came the news of scrapped one-day and two-day format. Pity, new, upcoming and young players are going to earn but not learn.
The Ugly:
-Everest Premier League: Nah. Just Kidding.
Story of the Week: Anubhav Thapa
Many would have heard about Jay Bista but do you know there is a certain Nepal born guy who lives in New Zealand and plays cricket in England in alternate season? Anubhav Thapa (click here for his profile), just 19 years
Anubhav Thapa
Anubhav Thapa ( )
old, is involved with Future Developing Auckland Squad. He started playing for his current club Ellerslie at 10-years-old. He progressed through the juniors and now plays for the Premier Men’s side in Auckland’s top flight club competition.
A genuine all-rounder, Thapa bats anywhere in the top 6 and is a front-line off-spinner. He has represented Auckland through the age-groups and was a key member of their championship winning Under-17 and 19 sides.
Thapa has blossomed into a potential first-class player in recent years and he credits his development to Blackcaps legend Late Martin Crowe (passed away earlier this year), who was appointed his personal mentor in 2014.
Good luck for his new season and hoping to see him soon in New Zealand colors.
Picture of the Week:
This is Vishal Warriors allrounder, Pokhara’s captain and former Nepal U19 player Deepesh Khatri preparing for the upcoming Everest Premier League hiatus, 10, 000 feet above sea level.
Deepesh Khatri
Picture taken from Deepesh Khatri’s facebook profile.

Hush! of the Week:

Now, we know how Subash Khakurel made it to national squad. Hush.
Subash Khakurel
Photo taken from Subash Khakurel’s facebook profile. (the post is intended for humor without compromising respect for our players)

Article of the Week
Like they say in cricket, it was a six the moment he hit it. Undoubtedly, this article has to be the creation of the week. You won’t find a complete profile of Sandeep Lamichhane’s journey in cricket so far than this well-constructed piece of brilliance by’s very own Sameer Niraula.
Read it to believe it: Rise of Sandeep Lamichhane : from Syangja to Sydney 


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